WK 2 – Classmate Conversation – Brandon Hoang

So week two of the Spring Semester has started and for class on Wednesday, I chose to speak with this young fellow. As a coincidence, my classmate that I spoke with also has the same last name as me, but he is unfortunately not as handsome as the person in the left on the cover photo. I discovered quickly that he is interested in majoring in computer science, which is a bummer because I am interested in majoring in accounting. I was hoping that I would find someone also majoring in accounting so I can ask more questions and have stuff in common. It’s okay because my brother is majoring in computer science over at UCI, so if he  has any questions my brother will be able to help him. He informed me that he used to work at a boba place called “Roasting Waters”, but recently quit due to personal reasons. Afterwards, we discussed the plaster casting activity and how it was for the both of us. He loves hanging out with friends and playing games on his free time, which is cool because I love doing that as well. After having this short but memorable conversation, I am glad to say that I met another classmate that I can call a friend. Thank you for putting your time into reading this fine masterpiece.

( Here’s a link to Brandon’s website! https://brsxdon.wordpress.com/ )


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