WK 2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse


For this weeks art project, we had to do a landscape with a corpse. Students of Art110 had to show how they vision their departure. I believe that if I ever wanted to depart from life, the fastest and most painless way would be to overdose in my opinion. Obviously I am not going to do that, but it’s just one of those ways that can be done if anyone ever decides to do so. I suggest not doing it though, as it may end your life.

My thoughts on creating this scene was ideally in a personal, disclosed area such as a restroom because I do not believe anyone would ever overdose in public. Creating this masterpiece went smoothly as I had the help of my brother by taking pictures of me and the surrounding area. I believe that this project teaches the reader a little more about the person in a way because the artist talks about how they envision a way they want to depart from life. It connects the reader with the artist on a spiritual level, if that makes any sense.


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