Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Debbie Do

Upon joining this class, I sat next to this girl named Debbie Do. I sat through Professor Zucman’s entire lecture without saying a word to her until we had to talk to another classmate to learn more about them. I learned that she is undeclared just like me, but she is interested in going into Health Care Administration. Because the project this week is to go to the beach, she informed me that she loves going to the beach and would like going with me and my friends if her schedule did not conflict with ours. I told her how I enjoy hanging out with friends on my free time, and she included that she too loves hanging out. After this conversation with Debbie, I’m happy to say that I learned a little more about one of my many classmates.

(Here is a link to Debbie’s website! https://deebbbieedo.wordpress.com/ )

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