WK 4 – Art Care Package

For this week’s project, we had to make a care package for a friend, family, loved one, etc. I decided I would make a care package for my girlfriend. In the photo is my care package. It includes a picture frame with two Polaroid pictures, a picture book with pictures of us together, a stuffed bear, a bag of candy, and sweats. There are various reasons why I chose these items for this care package. I know she likes pictures so I decided to put our pictures on a picture frame. She also likes stuffed animals as she tends to send me pictures of all her stuffed animals at home. She also likes eating candy a lot and I know she likes wearing sweats because they are very comfortable and warm, just like me.

I do not believe sending an ACP and sending a snapchat are similar because sending a snapchat is instant, while sending an ACP may take longer than that. It is similar in a way because you are technically sending them something with both methods. I also believe sending an ACP and snapchat are different because the max time you can send a snapchat is 10 seconds, while an ACP may last forever.
I believe an ephemera is precious because it shows that a person took time out of their day thinking about someone and sending them an ephemera. It may mean a lot to someone and it may mean nothing to another person. It all depends on the person and how they perceive it. I believe it does gain value over time because it shows that you kept it for that long and it adds a lot of value. I believe there is little to no difference between showing art that is seen by few and giving an ACP to a specific person, as long as someone appreciates what you are doing. I also believe that time and effort means a lot. If something comes really fast and you see that is isn’t the best work, you can tell that they did not put enough time and effort in what they did. Also, if it takes a long time, it shows that you put time and effort into doing what you’re doing. It can also be a bad thing because if it takes too long, it may show that you are lazy and forgot about it.

I agree with how you can prepare a meal with love. If you get food from McDonalds, it is not really prepared with love because you just drove to the drive-thru to buy food rather than spending time preparing and making a dinner for your loved one. After thinking about it, I believe an ACP is different from a snapchat because a snapchat is instant and boring while an ACP shows that you took time out of your day thinking about the person and made something for them, which is what I did in this project for my girlfriend.


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