Wk 5 – Automatic Drawing

So for this week, we had to do automatic drawing. I went to Walmart to purchase the materials and then proceeded to pick up my friend in order to do the project. I also had my brother’s girlfriend take pictures for my blog post because I can’t take the picture if I’m in it. I understood why we were supposed to mount the paper down because right when we started, it started moving all over the place. In order to hold it down, we decided to tape it down and that fixed the problem. We continued to use various colors in order to create this fine piece of art that was once an empty canvas.

The results were very hectic and aggressive. What I mean by that is when we started drawing, we both went in different directions. This created a very ‘hectic’ piece, but my partner and I are proud of it. For example, we both agreed on drawing a sun in yellow, but we both drew what we believed to be was a sun.

Overall, we had fun with this weeks activity and I can’t wait for the next week’s activity!!

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