Week 6 – Artist Conversation – Story of a Dog


*Doge Destroying a Town*


CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

The Dog Pound, a city were dogs were allowed to live with one another without any threats from anyone or anything. It was very peaceful and the last time something bad happened was when a group of rottweilers caused a ruckus and decided to attack other dogs at night. It has since calmed down a bit due to the increase in dog police. One day, a Shiba was born and was abandoned by his mother. He was eventually found by a wild pack of aliens that can manipulate shape, powers, etc. After being raised from a newborn to an adult, the aliens decided they should test his powers since he has now matured a bit and can control it better. They decided to give him the power to grow in size and shoot lasers out of his eyes, but first, he had to train and master his powers.

Through months of vigorous training with the aliens, he finally decided it was time. He traveled on his four paws to the city where his mother abandoned him and wanted to wreak havoc. He decided to transform into his final form and began shooting lasers at anything he saw. With his big body, it came with a bigger bark. When his mother heard his bark she instantly knew it was her son. She finally found the courage to go from her hiding spot to embrace her son in order to save the city. She showed herself to her son and barked as loud as she could from the top of her lungs. The Shiba noticed it was his mother and froze for a second.

Within that second, things changed. The dogs in the helicopters shot tasers and snipers hiding in rooftops all shot at the same time. The Shiba was quickly contained and the situation calmed down a bit. As a result, the mother technically saved the city from disaster, but she realized that her son is now in danger. The dog government is going to cut him open and try to discover how he was able to grow so huge and use it for their military. The mother decided to try and find the people who made him so big.

She journeyed to the spot where she abandoned her son and saw marks of aliens. As she backtracked the footprints, she eventually found the lair of the aliens, hiding in the sewers of the Dog Pound. She begged them to help save him but they repeatedly declined, due to it not being in their nature to save dogs. When the aliens fell asleep, the mother went inside the lab to steal their equipment and used it on herself to gain the same powers as her son. She hurried to the government without any slight training, which was a very bad move. She rampaged through the front door and started shooting lasers everywhere, but she did not know how to control it, so as a result, she shot a laser through the floor and it happened to kill her son. She fought and fought the government until she came down the basement, where she discovered a dead shiba laying on the test table. She was so furious at herself because she saw the laser  marks on his body. As a result, she looked into the mirror and shot a laser, which bounced back and killed her immediately.


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