Wk 10 – Architecture and Urban Planning – The Wedge

Photo of the CSU Long Beach University Student Union where it meets the road and the Brotman Hall plaza showing a pedestrian choke point between 2 architectural decor panels

Upon reading on what to do for this week’s project, I already knew that I needed to change the “USU Wedge”. When I first went to CSULB, I parked in the parking structure next to the pyramid. As I walked towards the USU, I saw the wedge. I never knew who would design this as it creates a major traffic jam many days of the week. If I were to redesign this, I would do it so people have better access to the USU and so they can use less footsteps.

In order to fix this traffic jam, I would most likely take out this wall:

Wedge1 I would also remove the bench close to the “USU Wedge” because it may be a safety hazard to people that do not pay attention to where they are walking and perhaps put it in a safer spot. I believe doing these two simple things will significantly improve the flow of traffic at this spot.


Here is an example of what I would do to help improve the “USU Wedge”. In this picture, I removed the wall to free up more room and I would add lines on the floor to help direct students. This will give off the feeling of driving a car, as it creates two lanes. I also removed the bench next to the other bench closest to the sidewalk. Doing so freed up a lot of room and will give students numerous ways to go to class now without being stuck in a traffic jam.


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