WK 12 – Ethnography


For this week’s exercise, I have to spend a night without electricity. I decided the easiest approach to this is to just turn off everything in my house and proceed to spend the night sleeping , as that is the fastest way to get it over with. As society grows older, they get more acquainted with technology and it starts to become a necessity. I believe that the world is currently in the age of technology and it is impossible to go a day without electricity.

To start off, I took a picture of where I will be spending the night, which is my bed. Because I chose to sleep for this activity, it will be a fairly easy task, but I can understand why it can be hard if someone chose to go a night without electricity and chose to stay up. I noticed that if I do not use my computer for the day then I will get better sleep. Maybe it has something to do with my monitor affecting my eyes. I noticed that I am usually sleep deprived as I usually get around 3-6 hours of sleep when the recommended time is 8 hours. I noticed that on the days I sleep well, I just feel better in every way. Living without electricity is more harmonious with nature because you spend more time doing other things rather than sitting on your phone all day. I think living without electricity is not a problem because people were living perfectly fine before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. I think people survived without constant simulation by doing other things to get distracted.



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