Week 14 – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

For this week’s activity, we met up at the CSULB Japanese Garden. Unfortunately, I have never been there nor did I know where it was in the first place, so I had trouble getting to class. I walked around the art gallery in hopes to find a Japanese garden, but to no avail, I could not find the Japanese garden. My phone was hanging around 3% battery life and I started to lose all hope in going to class today. I had to quickly find the CSULB map online and noticed the garden was all the way across campus near the parking structure and dorms. I spent a good 20 minutes getting there and I finally met up with some of my classmates.

I began this activity by getting a piece of paper and just started sketching what I saw from my point of view. It was a very interesting experience because outside of this garden is CSULB, but when you are in the garden, it feels like a totally different place. The trees added shade that helped cool me down and the pond in the middle of the garden gave off very relaxing vibes. I started to sketch and just went at it. Overall, it was a fun experience because this was my first time at the garden and I am glad I was able to go there with my classmates.



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